Completed Projects

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Private Property in Late Ottoman Palestine: The Land of Nicolas Sursock et Frères in the Jezreel Valley Producing Luxury Fashion, Skilled Workers, and Good Housewives: The Girls' Institutes and the Histories of Labor and Consumption in Turkey Between the city and the countryside: The economic strategies of the rural elites in the kingdom of Valencia during the14th and 15th centuries 'The Dust Was Long in Settling': Human Capital and the Lasting Impact of the American Dust Bowl
Kristen Alff Rustem Ertug Altinay Frederic Aparisi Romero Vellore Arthi
Planning for Chaos or Progress? Rethinking the Exchange of Ideas about Indian Development Planning "They all belong to the school of Adam Smith": The dissemination of Adam Smith's ideas in Calcutta in the nineteenth century Common Lands and Agricultural Productivity in Early 20th Century Spain The Regional Roots of Mexican Neoliberalism: Northern Business Elites and the Rise of Market Values
Aditya Balasubramanian Mou Banerjee Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia Derek Bentley
Risky Credit: The Commercial World of the Bay of Bengal from 1800 to 1940 Constructing Credit, Expanding Commerce: US Branch Banking in Latin America in the Early Twentieth Century Quebec, Bengal, and the Rise of Authoritarian Legal Pluralism  
Debjani Bhattacharyya Mary Bridges Christian R. Burset  
Generating a New South: Hydroelectricity and the Making of Modern Georgia, 1900-1930 Evolving State Capitalism: Federalism in the Indian Coal Industry The contribution of infrastructure investment to Britain’s urban mortality decline 1861–1900 The Business of Life: South Asia in the Age of Global Capital
Casey Cater Rohit Chandra Jonathan Chapman Meghna Chaudhuri
Fossil Fuel Communism: The Druzhba Oil Pipeline and the Making of the Eastern Bloc, 1948-1994 War, Blockades, and Hunger: Nutritional Deprivation of German Children 1914 - 1924 Britain's Empire of Oil: The History of Its Exploration and Exploitation and Its Impact on the Global Middle East Gens sans maîtres: les communes des Antilles et la production du commerce sous le régime colonial
Tom J. Cinq-Mars Mary Cox Guillemette Crouzet Isaac Curtis


The London Metal Exchange: Origins and Impact on Global Trade through the First World War Beyond the Nation: Anti-colonialism, Citizenship and Rights in Twentieth-century India Foligno County (Umbria, Central Italy) in the long 12th century (1070s - 1200s): An outline of the economic transition Gold, Access and Contemporary Conceptions of Antebellum Poverty
Nathan Delaney Hardeep Dhillon Nikita Dmitriev Andrew Edwards
The Latin American Development Experience: social sciences and policy-making, 1939-1973 Meaningful Monies: Cash, Credit and Mutual Obligation in the Dutch and German Countryside, 1650-1850 Steel and Sovereignty: Brazilian Debt and Steel in the 1930s, in a Global Mirror Persistent Effects of Private Versus Colonial Rule: Evidence from 19th Century Indonesia
Margarita Fajardo-Hernandez Sebastian Felten Ted Fertik Thiemo Fetzer and Priya Mukherjee
Building a Ruin: The International Political-Economy or Soviet Economic Reform 1956-1990 Forging Loyalty in the Iberian Pacific World: Manila and the Moro War, 1750 to 1780 The Poor Always With You: Poverty in an Age of Emancipation, 1833-1879 The Age of Lead: Metropolitan Development, Environmental Health, and Inner City Underdevelopment
Yakov Feygin Kristie Flannery Christopher Florio Leif Fredrickson


State Taxes, Wealth, and Public Debt after the American Revolution, 1783-1815 The economic incentives of assimilation - Name changers in the early 20th century Hungary Bushfalling to No Man’s Land: The U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery in Cameroon Skin in the Game: Liability Insurance, Extended Liability, and Financial Stability
Frank Garmon Atilla Gáspár and Rita Petö Carly Goodman Tyler Beck Goodspeed
George Smith and the Chinese tea trade Trading Across Boundaries: Sixteenth-century Commercial Letters of Safe Passage and the Challenge of Cross-cultural Trade ‘History in the garb of a novel’: Nationalism and Fiction in J. Victor von Scheffel’s Ekkehard The Experience of Credit and Debt in the English Atlantic World, 1660-1754
Jessica Hanser Ian Hathaway Carla Heelan Benjamin A. Hicklin
Electric Revolution: Energy, Environment, and the State in Post-Porfirian Northern Mexico Indian Labour Migration to Ceylon, Malaya and Burma: A Study of Kangani and Maistry System in Global Perspective (c. 1880-1940) Growth Industry: Unearthing the Origins of Fertilizer-Fueled Agriculture in America, 1865-1950  
Jonathan Hill, Jr. Ritesh Kumar Jaiswal Timothy Johnson  


Adoption of the French Commercial Code of 1807 in the Duchy of Warsaw as a Significant Factor in the Development of Commercial Law in the Polish Territories The Evolution of Public Health Policies in Cameroon from 1960 to 2014 Social Mapping the History of Economists at Cambridge, 1903-1950 Economic developments and the growth of colour prejudice in the French empire, c.1635-1767
Anna Klimaszewska Luc Fongang Kontcheu Ian Kumekawa Melanie Lamotte
The Pricing Revolution in Marine Insurance “Indian title,” Regime Change, and the Origins of the Cotton Kingdom: Land Tenure in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1790-1830 The Historical Legacy of Colonial Medicine Campaigns in Central and West Africa The Making of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, 1887-1899
Adrian Leonard Julia Lewandoski Sara Lowes Mariusz Lukasiewicz


The energy challenges of the French-American relations from 1969 to 1974 The Economic Reforms of the Viceroy of Peru and the 1687 Earthquake of Lima Mestizos and the Spanish Imperial Race for Reconstruction: Habilitation Payments, Crown Fundraising, and the Armada, 1588-1594 Electrical Palestine: Jewish and Arab Technopolitics under British Rule
Pierre Manenti Judith Mansilla Adrian Masters Fredrik Meiton
Democratic Planning: University Planning Forums and India's Second Five-Year Plan, 1956-1961 Saltwater Empire: The Caribs and the Politics of Smuggling, Insurgency, and the Slave Trade in the Circum-Caribbean, 1763-1833 Mikhail Gorbachev's Agricultural Reforms and the Politics of Perestroika Patriotic Pepper: The Economics of Revolution in Colonial Mahé
Nikhil Menon Ernesto Mercado-Montero Chris Miller Greg Mole
The Impact of the French Revolutionary Period on Communication Patterns Among Mercantile Networks in the British and French Atlantic World, c.1763-1804 Building States through International Assistance: The United Nations between Trusteeship and Self-Determination, 1945 to 1965 Explaining the Socio-Economic Demographics of Victorian Naval Medicine Land contracts and land conflicts. Land politics in Central Highlands of Vietnam. History of the Bahnar in Kontum, Central Highlands of Vietnam, 1850-1945
Francesco Morriello Eva-Maria Muschik Christopher Myers Anh Minh Nguyen Dang


Anglo-Portuguese Trade and Monetary Transmission During the Eighteenth Century Sinking Pisa: The Decline of a Commercial Empire in the Thirteenth Century The social history of creative writing Race, Risk, and Financial Capitalism in the United States, 1880-1940
Nuno Palma Matthew Parker Charles Petersen Daniel Platt
Damming the Cauvery: Water, Development, and the Remaking of Agrarian Territory in Colonial and Postcolonial South India UNRRA and the Humanitarian Foundations of Economic Aid: Relief and Rehabilitation in Europe, 1943-1947    
Aditya Ramesh Emily Riley    
Negotiating Authority over Copyright in the American Theatre: 1856-1951 Bank of England Crisis Management and the Overend & Gurney Crash of 1866 Making Jesus Springs: How Economic Change Stoked the Culture Wars Trade, politics and the English Mayor's Court: Law and trading practices in the 18th century Bay of Bengal
Brent Salter Sabine Schneider William Schultz Santanu Sengupta
From Commercial Custom to International Laws: the Shrinking Business of Ottoman Captivity, 1730s to 1870s Slaves, "Prisoners of War," and Inter-Imperial Law in the Ottoman Empire, 1699-1856 Book Markets and Popular Learning in Nineteenth-Century Lima and Bogotá Wheat, Bread and the Role of the State in South Africa: 1937-1997
Will Smiley Will Smiley Gracia Solis Benjamin Stanwix
Law and Trade: Legal and Economic Institutions Regulating the Trade of Ottoman Subjects with Venice between 1573 and 1645 Agriculture and development in an age of empire: policy, practice, and agricultural change in colonial Korea, 1910-1945 Everyday Afterlives: Tracing Diasporic Lives through India's Imperial Archives Slums, Squatters and Urban Redevelopment Schemes in Rangoon, 1894-1960
Tommaso Stefini Holly Stephens Julia Stephens Michael Sugarman
Credit and Property Rights: Analysing Institutional Development in Colonial Punjab (1900-47)      
Atiyab Sultan      


Le modèle économique des Comores dans la période précoloniale From Wartime Experimentation to New-Era Normalcy: U.S. Mobilization for WWI and the Political Economy of the 1920s Corporatism in the South Atlantic: Development, Social Welfare, and Constitutionalism in Portugal and Brazil, 1922-1945 Revolutionary Internationalism: Mexico and the Creation of the Postwar Multilateral System, 1919-1948
Tabibou Ali Tabibou Jesse Tarbert Melissa Teixeira Christy Thornton
Coerced Labor Recruitment in the English Atlantic: The Impressment of Soldiers, 1585-1660 Constituting Credit Capitalism: The Political Economy of Bank Credit cards in Postwar America Plantation Geographies: Race, Science and Agriculture in the South Carolina Lowcountry Credibility and Imperial Orders in the Second Half of the 19th century
Sonia Tycko Sean Vanatta Levi Van Sant Paula Vedoveli


Masters of Law: Legal Culture and the Law of Slavery in Colonial South Carolina and the British Atlantic World, 1669-1783 The politics of taxation in the French Empire: the case of Indochina (1897-1939) Water Quality, Morbidity, and Mortality in London, 1906-1926 The Impact of Banking Crises on Trade: Case of the 1866 Overend & Gurney Failure
Lee B Wilson Madeline Woker Anthony Wray Chenzi Xu
The Closing of the Gold Window and the History of Dollar Hegemony      
Josh Zoffer