New Projects


From St Helena to Bencoolen: The British East India Company’s Practices of Slavery and the Slave Trade in the Late Eighteenth Century   Tiraana Bains
Information and News in 19th Century America: The Role of the Telegraph   Levi Boxell
Weaving the first Global Age. The Ruiz, a network of textile merchants (1566-1600)   Gabriele Galli
Many Regimes of Apprenticeship: Skilling Artisans and Mechanics   Arun Kumar
British ships, Indian sailors: the making of a colonial maritime labour market in the age of steam, 1900-1950   Naina Manjrekar
Connecting indenture across oceans: letter-writing between India and three Guianas   Louise Moschetta
The Politics of Population Control: Modernization, Religion, and the Family in Pakistan 1947-77   Amna Qayyum
Framing the Colonial Economy in Nineteenth Century India   Sukhalata Sen
Nourishing Shanxi: State, Industrial Entrepreneurship, and the Making of Chinese State Capitalism, 1898-2004   Zhaojin Zeng